So Why Does Black Moor Goldfish Turn Gold?

It is very common for a black moor goldfish to change from black to an orange/gold color and this somethimes not necessarily mean that there is a problem. Your fish could still be healthy even though it has experienced this color change. There are a number of reasons which cause  these pet fishes could turn orange.

The first thing that you will need to do is rule out Velvet disease. This is a disease that is caused by a parasite latching onto the skin of a fish which can make it appear yellow. If you have noticed that your fish seems to be changing color and that they also seem lethargic, then they may be suffering from this disease which can be fatal if not treated. If you suspect your fish has this disease you can find more information on how to treat velvet disease here.


Why Does Black Moor Goldfish Turn Gold


Another reason why does black moor goldfish turn gold is because the chemistry of the water that they are swimming in is not good enough. Sometimes when new owners buy black moor fish they tend to over feeding black moors causing water quality to drop. In that case best would be to change water more frequently. The water should be checked regularly to ensure that it has the correct levels of ammonia and nitrates and that it has a neutral Ph level. A water change of at least 25% should be done on a weekly basis (yes weekly because goldfish are messy fishes and like we said owners tend to overfeed their new pets).

The black moor goldfish temperature of the water can also have an effect on the color of your fish. Generally speaking these fish need to live in water that doesn’t have a temperature any higher than 72 degrees. If their tank is located near a window it may be worth moving this during the summer months so that the temperature of the water is not increased by direct sunlight. Also keep in mind not to place your aquarium near any heating element like ovens or similar kitchen appliances causing sudden rise of temperature.

So these are first things you need to rule out if you see a color change in your goldfish (with one most common is general water quality in aquarium or fish bowl). But in most cases this is normal and your fish is healthy and happy.

Happy Fishkeeping!

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