Is A Small Goldfish Tank Practical?

You may be looking to purchase some new pet goldfish. That part is easy, as they are not very diverse. The dilemma comes in to play when you are finding yourself picking out your goldfishes new tank. Let me tell you right away, there are no goldfish that stay small even a black moor goldfish can get extremely big!
While goldfish are generally a very small breed of fish and do not require much space or even resources, making them a good first pet for children, the type of tank can determine their lifespan. You may be thinking to yourself, “But they are so cheap! They will all probably die in a few days, why should I fork out a ton of money for a quality tank?”

Small Goldfish Tank

The short answer is, you can get a decent tank these days for pretty cheap. You just need to be sure there is some sort of filter and bubble system.
Goldfish actually can live for a few years, with the oldest one on record living to be 43 years old. In the wild, they typically live around 25 years, versus in your typical small goldfish tank or fish bowl, about 2-3 weeks. That is a big difference. The reason behind this is the lack of oxygen in the common goldfish bowl. Simply adding even a filter can optimize their lifespan, making it around 2 years. But, adding a bubbler to your goldfish tank will allow them to live to be anywhere from five to ten years! One simple difference can impact them a great amount. It is not the size of the tank that matters though just if there is enough oxygen flowing throughout the water in the tank. You probably already know this, but they are a food source for most medium to large breeds of fish, so you should not plan to have them in the same tank with the other possible predators. Goldfish are also a type of freshwater fish, so you should definitely not add them in a small fish aquarium you already own with small saltwater fish breeds.

Fun Fact: Did you know most people think Koi fish are actually just very large goldfish? In reality, the Koi fish is a domesticated breed of the Common Carp. And, yes, you can keep the two in the same tank. Just be sure the tank is big enough to accommodate the larger size of the Koi. If your home permits, though, a backyard pond would be ideal for the Koi.

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  1. You know my friend had some goldfish growing up. Kept them in a basic tank, no gravel, nothing. Hardly cleaned the thing. Those fish outlived the dog! He ended up giving them away. They were HUGE too. I never knew they got that big. All the more reason to only keep them in a bigger tank. Great short read. I am considering a tank now myself that I have my first home. I will be going with a 40 gallon tank to start me off. I am debating on the fish and I have always had a thing for goldfish so I think it may be the option for me. I do love Koi but I don’t want a pond.

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