Breeding Black Moor Goldfish

The Black Moor  is a fish that is sought after by many goldfish enthusiastic. This fish has eyes that are set far apart on its head. Black Moor breeding must be done under the right conditions to make sure that the spawn come out healthy.
black moor breeding

How to breed those black moors

The Black Moors are able to lay a number of eggs that can spawn easily when they are given the correct conditions. These can breed in groups as small as five fish and are social prefering to breed in larger groups as well. When these fish are in the wild the only time of the year that they like to spawn in is the spring. A person should create conditions in their tank that mimic the natural breeding conditions. When preparing for breeding a 20 gallon tank will work the best. A person should make sure that the fish are in good health and that they are free of disease. It is suggested that the goldfish are treated for parasites before breeding begins. Many breeders will keep the male and the female Black Moor fish in separate tanks for weeks leading up to the breeding. This is done to help increase the interest that the fish have in the spawning process. The fish should be placed in the tank that is going to be used for breeding at the same time and where you will spot first black moor mating signs. The tank should have a number of solid surfaces so that the eggs can stick to then. These fish also prefer specific plants for spawning. They are going to need plants that are bushy and have plenty of oxygen.

The Anacharis is one of the best plants to put into the tank at this time. The temperature in the breeding tank should be around 60 degrees. It should be warmed around 3 degrees a day until the Black Moor fish have spawned. Spawning can begin at a temperature of 68 degrees. The black moor baby fish should be fed a diet high in protein at this time. Some of the best food for these fish includes brine shrimp and worms. The fish should be fed small amounts of this food three times a day. This will help prevent food that is not eaten from sinking to the bottom of the tank. When a person is breeding the Black Moor goldfish the male will begin to swim around the female goldfish. This may go on for a couple of days. The males may also push the female fish up against the plants found in the tank. The females will drop their eggs and they can become fertilized. Spawning can produce up to 10,000 eggs. The fish should be removed from the tank so they do not eat the eggs. Fertilization for Black Moor Goldfish takes four to seven days. The goldfish that hatch can be fed fry food until they are able to eat a regular diet. The new fish will be dark brown in color and like to hide. After a couple of months these fish can be introduced into other thanks and can be sold to those that are looking to purchase a Black Moor Goldfish.


  1. Your style is unique compared to other folks I have read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this page.

  2. I had mollies I think they are called when I lived in my apartment. It was a smaller tank and I didn’t think much of it… Well, they started breeding! I had TONS of babies all over the small tank. If you have the right temp, the room, the food, and both sexes, the fish do all the work. I heard breeding Goldfish is all in the temp and space. Most of them will breed frequently when they are happy. This may be something I decide to do in the future.

  3. Are female goldfish letting out eggs without the male? And do the eggs look round white and do they feel smooth and hard?

  4. We have two blackmoor and they just swim around happy and today have just noticed a baby blackmoor about two inch long were novices at keeping fish but they seem quite healthy one is about 3 months older than the other but one is huge the other quite small, Which is the male ? and how did we not notice the eggs? what do they look like etc…. anyway the baby seems very active and healthy so we must have done something right but i just cant understand how we have not noticed the baby when feeding etc till today as it must be weeks if not months old? Any advice info would be brilliant.

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