Black Moor Goldfish Tank Size Guide

Black moor goldfish or black telescope goldfish can grow as long as ten inches in length and live as long as twenty-five years under the right circumstances. When looking at tanks for your fish you should take these things into consideration, especially the length. The reason is that you want to make sure that they have a lot of swimming space due to fact that they can grow big, so choose the aquarium size very carefully.

The right size should be a ten gallon one or larger. Make sure that you keep black moor goldfish temperature around sixty to seventy degrees. You need to also monitor and maintain the pH level at a seven. To give your black telescope fish light you can use the standard lighting fixtures that are used for all aquariums. You can find these at pet stores along with anything else you need for your them. When dealing with any goldfish always purchase the biggest aquarium you can fit in your room.


black moor goldfish tank size

Black moor goldfish is truly a messy fish!

As a by-product these goldfish produce ammonia. If the tank is not maintained correctly there could be an excess of it in the tank and could cause ammonia poisoning, which can kill the fish. Black moor goldfish like to dig so if you are putting plants in the aquarium make sure they are not the delicate plants. Because they like to dig they could uproot these plants and feed on them. You can either grow some plants with sturdy root systems that will be hard to uproot or use fake plants to decorate their aquarium. You also need to make sure that none of the aquarium decorations or fake plants has sharp points on them because of their delicate protruding eyes. The best decorations would be small smooth decorations and silk plants.

Known as very messy and will dirty the aquarium quite often. Because they love to dig, they can disturb the gravel that lines the bottom of their aquarium, stirring up any debris that has settled.To keep any infections away and to maintain the correct water quality you have to clean and filter the water regularly and always do partial water changes every one or two weeks (depending on filter quality). When doing water changes always use one of those siphon tubes made for an aquarium to take out all the dirt from gravel. Also, try to remember when feeding black moors try not to overfeed them because this also causes your water quality to degrade.

So what aquarium to purchase for one of them? As for any other goldfish, I always recommend a minimum of 20 Gallons per one and additional 10 Gallons per another. If that seems a little too big for that cute small telescope you just brought home from a pet store, just wait for few months when they grow.


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  3. Wow so I would only be able to have 3 Moor fish in my tank of 40 gallons? That doesn’t seem like much. I guess if I have them and add in some other schooling fish it would work out and fill the tank nicely without overcrowding. I always thought it was 10 gallons per one goldfish and 5 for each additional fish. Glad I read this. I would have likely ended up with a HUGE mess. Since they do like to dig… Is there a better substrate for them to reduce the mess? Maybe sand with gravel?

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