Black Moor Goldfish Lifespan. Ultimate guide

Black Moor Goldfish or black comet goldfish is a variant of the telescope goldfish with protruding eyes. They are referred to as black moor or simply moors in relation to their body color. They are originally from China, and belong to the taxonomy family Cyprinidae. These dark fish are freshwater fish and thrive best at temperatures between 65-78-edtrees Fahrenheit.

Black moors are twin tail type of fish, and they are omnivores. Their primary food sources are veggies, flakes, fruits and pellets. They grow to an adult size of 4-8 inches, and they are friendly and social.

Adult Sizes.

All else being constant black moor goldfish usually grow to their pre-determined genetic body size. However, we have to keep in mind that when put in small tanks they are not able to feed and live as they ought to. This means they can’t grow to be as big as they would in their natural habitats. These fishes are deep bodied goldfish. This means that they thrive better in taller tanks rather than longer tanks. The rule of thumb for goldfish is 20 gallons for the first fish then 10 gallons for each additional fish. Two black moor goldfish would be comfortably in a 30-galoon fish tank.


black moor goldfish lifespan


black moor goldfish lifespan.

Their lifespan is an impressive 6 to 25 years. This widely varying lifespan is dependent on the kind of environment you set for them. These fish species are messy and dirt. They need lots of space and proper filtration to keep them jolly and social. One of the primary issues is that they have pretty bad eyesight. So most of them tend to bump into fish tank decorations. This is one of the hazards that shortens their lifespans. That’s why you have to ensure that your decors are bright and have smooth edges. Black Moors can live for a surprisingly extended period of time.

The oldest known clocked 43 years. However, bad breeding, improper tanks, inadequate feeding, insufficient infiltration have shortened their lifespan to about two years. By the time they hit 6 inches they are considered large fish and they hit adulthood at 8 inches. With an improved habitat, they can live for 10-15 years. You can improve their social environment by mixing them up with other egg-shaped goldfish species e.g. fantails and ryukins.


Long term Nutrition for Black Moors.

Their feeding significantly affects their size and most importantly their lifespans. Because of their poor eyesight, they do better with floating foods. Advisably, you can give them slow sinking foods. The best remedy to keep them healthy and give them an extended lifespan is to rely on appropriate fish feeding gadgets. Even with all these interventions bear in mind that black moors are pretty smart when it comes to food and nutrition. Some of their long term foods are slow sinking pellets and blood worms. You can give them fresh peas, romaine lettuce, boiled zucchini or kales.


Black Moor Best Practises.

The black moore goldfish lifespan will be dependent on the habitat that you provide. These fish species are tougher and therefore do not have lots of demands. Make sure you do a ¼ or 1/3 water change every week to keep it fresh and aerated.

That’s because they are dirtier and produce more waste than most other fish species. You can add snails into the tank as they are known to reduce the growth of algae in the fish tank. Lighting is never essential for the health and longevity of a black moor’s fishpond. However, it would still make for an attractive showpiece.


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  3. I am convinced I want at least a pair of Moors but I may end up doing nothing but. I would likely have to get a few bottom feeders because I know Goldfish in general are messy. Something about these fish though is just interesting. They always have such dopey expressions on their faces too which just adds to the charm. You are really selling me here. I love that they can live long as well and are hardy. Bookmarking this blog. Great information!

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