Black Moor Goldfish Diseases. Explained!

Moors are very popular as a pet fish and as variety of goldfish. This type of goldfish is originally from China where the fish is also referred to as dragon eye. This is because of its protruding eyes (which can also cause your black moor goldfish eye problems if not careful with preparing your aquarium for them). It is a friendly goldfish by nature and is easy to maintain. Although they are mostly black they may change to black tinged with bronze.

Some may even have a transformation to having a rusty-orange on their belly’s underside if water temperature in the tank rises. With favorable circumstances they can grow up to ten inches in length and have a life expectancy of twenty-five years.

Although it  has a delicate body the fish is quite hardy but they are prone to infections that are caused by worms and parasites like other types of goldfish. Some of these diseases can lead to secondary fungal and bacterial infections. If any infection is caused by flatworms or flukes It can cause split gills and torn fins, which will slowly lose color. They may also have problems with breathing. One preventive measure for this type of infection is to treat this black moor goldfish problem for a fourteen days with Fluke Tabs. You will also have to give the goldfish a bath with potassium permanganate added to their bathing water.

black moor goldfish disease

Another disease is fish lice and anchor worms that can cause an infection that can result in skin redness and inflammation. One most obvious sign is the black moor goldfish trying to rub themselves on any objects that are nearby to get rid of their itching. To treat this infection you need a formalin plus salt dip with potassium permanganate.


Like any other fish Ich is a problem

A most common diseases is the ich, which is caused by a parasitic protozoan. Symptoms are shallow and rapid breathing, loss of appetite, and isolation. They will exhibit lethargy, resting at the bottom of their tank. The presence of a parasite is indicated by white spots all over their body. It can be chemically treated like other infections by use either a formalin dip or potassium permanganate. You can prevent this disease by treating their water with chlorine to rid their water of parasites. Usually tap water is used. If not treated at an early stage your pet fish could die.

A fish owner can prevent most of these diseases and infections just by using correct filtration techniques. You also need to keep their tank clean all the time and at regular intervals replace water with fresher water. If you suspect an infection or one has been diagnosed make sure that you quarantine your fish that is infected to help prevent further spreading of diseases.


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  1. How common would you say ick is with Moor fish? I feel like goldfish in general seem to get ick very easily. Someone at the local petstore was cleaning out a goldfish tank because half of them dropped dead like flies and the rest were inflected. They ended up having to get rid of the rest. I guess it is something that not many people deal with when it comes to cheaper fish. I would still have tried to treat it.

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