Black Moor Goldfish Care. Keep Them Happy

For beginners, the Black Moor g. breed of goldfish is one of the best options for your aquarium. Coming with a rounded or egg-shaped body, twin tail, large protruding eyes on the sides and a grey to black body color, which reverts to metallic orange if kept in warmer surroundings, the Black Moor has unusual physical characteristics. However, this breed of fish requires special considerations when it comes to taking care of it. Read on to understand the special care it needs.

This fish is originally from China but throughout the centuries they have made their way into America. Currently, they are a real popular goldfish breed. Actually, the name Black Moor is a nickname for the Black Telescope which is the actual name of the goldfish. The following information will provide you with information about how you should care for this aquatic creature.


The Right Type of Tank is the First Step to Caring

You already know that the Black Moor is larger than the average goldfish. With it being 6 – inches in length you know that it needs space to move around and to thrive. So, the first thing you must do when caring for a Black Moor is to purchase a tank that can adequately contain them.

Professional aquarists use a 75-gallon tank to take care of Black Moor fish. This is the minimum size tank that you will need to take care of this type of fish. Do not forget this point, a goldfish makes a lot of waste. Since it does, the creature will need a great deal of water space to move around and to relieve itself.

Keep in mind that larger sized fish tanks have more oxygen, more swimming room, a more balanced Ph system and they can keep harmful substances down to a minimum. Most people purchase at least 2 or more Black Moor fish at a time. If they purchase at least 6 of these creatures, they will need a 75 – gallon tank to contain them all.

Remember that a 6 – inch Black Moor will need at least 10 – gallons of water to move around. So, you will need to purchase a 10 – gallon tank for every Black Moor goldfish you purchase. Since Black Moor goldfish are relatively inexpensive, people typically purchase at least 6 or more. Ultimately, make sure you have a large amount of tank space for the amount of Black Moor goldfish you want to purchase.

black moore goldfish

Properly Clean and Filter your black moor fish Tank

Another important aspect of Black Moor care has to do with cleaning and filtering the tank. If you do not make it a point to filter the tank and to properly clean the water; your fishes will suffer. Every fish tank must be properly cleaned to ensure that the fish have fresh oxygenated water. Also, it is important to remove waste substances from the tank.

Once again, Black Moor goldfishes create a lot of waste material. So, you must frequently get rid of waste at least twice a week. If your schedule restricts you from doing this, then clean your tanks at least once every week. If you can’t do this, then try to get someone to clean the tanks for you.

All aquarists know that fish tank water must be completely changed out and not just filtered. Changing the water helps to keep the fish in good health and it is useful for removing waste material. You can use special motorized commercial fish pumps to remove water from a tank. These machines can disperse the water into a sink or some other type of drain system. Also, they can be used to pump water outside into the ground if the hose is large enough to perform this function.

You should also use the best filtering system to keep the tank fresh. There are many different types of filtering systems that you can use to accomplish this task. Fluval, Marine Land, and Aqua Clear are among the best fish tank filtering brands in the market. Choose one that you can afford and make sure that you regularly check them to ensure they are working properly.


Feeding black moors

Black Moor fish are omnivores. They eat animals and plants. As a Black Moor owner, you should give your pet fish a balanced diet. This diet should be a 30% protein and 70% plant-based regimen. Black Moor fish are to be given specialized pellets and flakes. These commercially processed items contain the proper nutrients that the fish need to survive.

You should never feed your Black Moor fish pets live meat or organic substances. Remember that the Black Moor fish has telescopic eyes. Since they do, it makes it harder for them to see their food. Pellets and flakes make it easy for them to locate and find their nutrients. Regular protein-based food sources make it harder for them to get their grub.

Never feed your Black Moor fish more than once a day. If you do, your tank will contain a lot of rotting food which will produce ammonia. This, in turn, will eventually kill your goldfish. It is recommended that you feed your Black Moor fish at least once a day. You could possibly extend this to two times within a 24-hour period. You will have to decide if this is feasible for your fish or not.


Other Considerations for Taking Care of your Black Moor Goldfish

Black moor goldfish temperature should be constant 72 – 74 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the optimal temperature for ensuring that your Black Moor performs at its best.

They will also need at least 12 – 16 hours of light and the rest of the time they will need to sleep. You can position your tank to provide natural UV light from the sun. However, if you cannot take this action, you can purchase a UV light kit that can help you to provide the amount of light they will need to thrive.

Do not use any sharp or jagged edged plant life, rocks or ornaments in your tank with Black Moors. The creatures protruding eyes can easily become damaged on these items. This is especially true when they go hide behind objects within the tank. It is, therefore, important that you keep the fish with other low-speed goldfish or the non-aggressive species, for example, the Celestial Eye Goldfish, to save it from being bumped to occasionally.

The following point is very important. If you plan on adding a new fish to a tank, make sure you change up the environment. Otherwise, this new fish might become distressed. When fish become distressed they usually end up becoming infected with a disease. A diseased fish can easily cause the other aquatic life forms to get sick as well.

Although that small fish you buy at pet shop looks unique, pretty and small, be very careful when planning your aquarium, black moor goldfish full size can get up to 15 cm (6 in) in just a year or two if you give them right care and housing conditions.

You should always place a new fish into a temporary tank until it is ready to move in with the other fish. Once again, change the environment around so that the new fish will not be targeted by the other members of the tank. They will be too busy trying to figure out the new environment to waste a lot of time on the new fish.

The last thing you should know is that Black Moors are social fish. They prefer mingling with their own kind. However, if you want to introduce a different type of fish to the environment, get a species with poor eyesight. Fishes such as the Panda Moor or the Bubble Eye Goldfish would make a great compliment to these aquatic creatures. These basic fish care tips should help you to keep your Black Moor around for many years into the future.

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