Black Moor Goldfish Care. Keep Them Happy

For beginners, the Black Moor G breed of goldfish is one of the best options for your aquarium. Coming with a rounded or egg-shaped body, twin tail, large protruding eyes on the sides and a grey to black body colour, which reverts to metallic orange if kept in warmer surroundings, the Black Moor has unusual physical characteristics.

However, this breed of fish requires special considerations when it comes to taking care of it. Read on to understand the special care it needs.


Poor Swimmers

Despite having protruding eyes, the fish’ vision is far from perfect. The reason being that the eyes are prone to injury and infections, hindering its vision when moving around its surroundings. It is, therefore, important that you keep the fish with other low-speed goldfish or the non-aggressive species, for example, the Celestial Eye Goldfish, to save it from being bumped to occasionally.


Feeding Habits and Time

Again, due to its poor vision, the telescope fish feeding ability is little since the fish takes time to locate its food. However, it can feed on just anything, flakes and pellets with occasional treats of spinach and lettuce. For them, it is better to sink the food rather than float it, due to its poor eyesight and their scavenger habits.


black moore goldfish care


Additionally, it is important you keep feeding them, as it is a heavy feeder almost all the time. The result of its heavy feeding habits is a production of lots of waste on the tank. Since this species of food is omnivorous, balance their food options to avoid starving them.


Aeration of aquarium

The telescope eye fish requires high amounts of oxygen. these pet fishes produce more waste compared to others, therefore need extra aeration to the tank to provide oxygen. Moreover, at times, the fish may become aggressive and uproot the planktons or plants in the aquarium, meant to add oxygen in the tank. Regular filtration of the tank also goes a long way in keeping the tank ammonia-free, as high levels of ammonia is toxic to this delicate species of goldfish.



Although that small fish you buy at pet shop looks unique, pretty and small, be very careful when planning your aquarium, black moor goldfish full size can get up to 15 cm (6 in) in just a year or two if you give them right care and housing conditions.

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