As fellow fish-lovers, we’ve dedicated this site to explaining some of the special traits of this unique goldfish breed. We believe that proper fish care is extremely important, and that everyone should have access to useful information about how to care for their fish. Black Moor goldfish are cited by many fish owners as being one of the most beautiful color variations of the goldfish. They have a full bodies, as well as long, flowing fins. Their scales are metallic in appearance, developing darker black colorations as they age.

If you plan to own a Black Moor goldfish, it’s highly recommended that you first do a bit of research about proper fish care. Just like any other type of fish, Black Moor goldfish require sufficient food, a clean tank and proper water conditions (temperature, pH, etc). If kept in water that is a bit warmer than average, a Black Moor goldfish’s color patterns may lighten slightly to include hints of bronze.

Black Moor goldfish are often referred to as a “Telescope-Eyed” variety of goldfish, due to the fact that their eyes protrude out slightly from their heads. They first originated in China and Japan, and have been rapidly increasing in popularity in other countries as well. Black Moor goldfish will thrive in a clean environment, and do need to be fed on a regular basis. It’s important to be aware of other fish that might not be compatible with your Black Moor goldfish.

The Black Moor goldfish’s body is often referred to as being “egg-shaped”. Besides its given name, the Black Moor goldfish is sometimes called the Black Peony goldfish and the Dragon Eye goldfish. Since the Black Moor goldfish has such long, flowing fins, it is prone to developing some bacterial and fungal infections.